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Butterfly Valve
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Butterfly Valve

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Name:Butterfly Valve
Size: 1/2 "- 24" Dn15-dn300 
Standard: Ansi, bs, din, jis

Butterfly valve specification:

Size: 1/2 "- 24" Dn15-dn300 

Standard: Ansi, bs, din, jis


Butterfly valve advantages:
Butterfly valves have many advantages over gate valves, globe valves, plug valves and ball valves, especially for large valve applications.
Saving weight, space and cost are the most obvious advantages. Maintenance costs are usually low because the number of moving parts is small and there are no pockets for collecting liquid. The butterfly valve is particularly suitable for processing large flow of liquid or gas under relatively low pressure, and processing slurry or liquid with a large amount of suspended solids.

Butterfly valve applications:

Butterfly valves can be used for many different fluid services and perform well in slurry applications. The following are some typical applications of butterfly valves: cooling water, air, gas, fire fighting facilities, etc. Mud and similar services. Vacuum service. High pressure and high temperature. Water and steam service. Compared with the advantages of butterfly valves, compact design requires much less space. Other valves are light in weight. Quick operation requires less time to open or close. Optional Disadvantages of very large size, low pressure drop and high pressure recovery butterfly valves. Throttle service is limited to low pressure difference. Cavitation and blockage are two potential problems. Disc movement is not affected by turbulence. Butterfly valves are quarter-turn rotary motion valves. Used to stop, adjust and start the flow.

The structure of the butterfly valve body is different. The commonly used design is the type of wafer mounted between two flanges. Another type of lug wafer design is fixed between the two flanges by bolts that connect the two flanges and pass through holes in the valve housing. Butterfly valves can even provide flanges, threads and butt weld ends, but they are not often used.

The butterfly valve is constructed based on the principle of a pipeline damper. The flow control element is a disk with approximately the same diameter as the inner diameter of the adjacent tube, and the disk rotates on a vertical or horizontal axis. When the disc is parallel to the pipeline, the valve is fully opened. When the disc approaches the vertical position, the valve closes. For throttling, the intermediate position can be fixed in place by the handle locking device.

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