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Inspection scope and weld inspection standard
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Inspection scope and weld inspection standard

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Scope of flaw detection:

1.Inspection of weld surface defects. Check the welding quality of weld surface crack, incomplete penetration and leakage.

2.Lumen examination. Check surface cracks, peeling, guy wire, scratch, pit, bulge, spot, corrosion and other defects.

3.Status check. When some products (such as worm gear pump, engine, etc.) work, endoscopic inspection shall be carried out according to the technical requirements.

4.Assembly inspection. When required and needed, use Yatai Photoelectric Industrial video endoscope to inspect the assembly quality; after assembly or a certain process is completed, check whether the assembly position of each component meets the requirements of drawings or technical conditions; whether there are assembly defects.

5.Surplus inspection. Check the residual debris and foreign matters in the inner cavity of the product.

Weld inspection standard:

1.Class I and II welds must be inspected by flaw detection and meet the design requirements and construction

And acceptance specification, check the weld inspection report.

2.There shall be no cracks, weld beading, burn through, arc crater and other defects in grade I and II welds. There shall be no surface porosity, slag inclusion, arc pit, crack, arc scratch and other defects in class II weld, and there shall be no undercut, incomplete welding and other defects in grade I weld.

3.The weld shape is uniform, the transition between weld bead and weld bead, between weld bead and base metal is smooth, and the welding slag and spatter are removed.

4.Surface porosity:

① Grade I and II welds are not allowed; for grade III welds, the allowable diameter is ≤ 0.4t in each 50mm length of weld, and 2 pores ≤ 3mm are allowed; the spacing between pores is ≤ 6 times of the aperture. 4.2.3 undercut: Grade I weld is not allowed.

② Class II weld: undercut depth ≤ 0.05T, and ≤ 0.5mm, continuous length ≤ 100mm, and total length of undercut on both sides ≤ 10% of weld length.

③ Grade III weld: undercut depth ≤ and ≤ LMM.

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