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[Product knowledge] Scope of application of grooved fittings

Grooved fittings are connector for piping systems used in buildings and industrial sites. It has a trench design and is connected by embedding two pipe ends in the trench and securing them with clamping bolts.Grooved fittings are usually made of carbon steel or stainless steel material, with good st

[Product knowledge] Working principle and characteristics of butterfly valve

The butterfly valve is a valve that opens and closes according to the rotary valve, driving the disk plate to rotate. In the cylindrical channel of the butterfly body, the disc rotates around the axis, mainly rotating the plate 90 degrees.

[Product knowledge] Wafer Check Valve Introduction

A wafer check valve is a type of check valve used in pipelines to prevent the backflow of fluid. It is called a "wafer" check valve because of its wafer-like, thin de​sign, which allows it to fit between two pipeline flanges, typically without the need for additional gaskets or bolts. Here are the key features and functions of a wafer check valve:

[Product knowledge] The common types of buttweld pipe fittings

Buttweld pipe fittings, also known as welded pipe fittings, are a type of pipe fittings that are welded to the pipe rather than threaded. They are used to connect pipes of various sizes and shapes in a piping system, allowing for changes in direction, branch off, or connect different components of the system. Buttweld pipe fittings are commonly used in industries such as oil and gas, chemical, petrochemical, and power generation.

[Product knowledge] Two ways of galvanizing malleable iron pipe fittings

Malleable steel pipe fittings because of its material is iron, so when it is exposed to the air, it is easy to rust. In particular, malleable steel pipe fittings are mainly used in fire fighting and water supply projects, and pipe fittings are exposed to damp environment for a long time, which is mo

[Product knowledge] The advantages and disadvantages of forging and casting

The advantages and disadvantages of forging and casting1. Advantages and disadvantages of forgingAdvantages:1. Forged products have high density, good mechanical properties and wear resistance.2. The forging process has a strong control over the shape of metal materials and can produce a variety of

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