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Difference between seamless and welded pipe
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Difference between seamless and welded pipe

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Seamless pipe is made from a round steel billet (solid cylindrical hunk of steel that is cast from raw steel). This billet is then heated, stretched out and pushed or pulled over a form. It is then pierced through the center with a die and mandrel which increases the inside diameter and reduces the outside diameter.

Welded pipe is made by cold forming flat strip, sheet or plates into a round or circular shape by a roller or plate bending machine. The pipe is then welded with or without filler material using a high energy source.

From the above introduction,we could see the difference between seamless and welded pipe:

Sr. NoParameterSeamless PipeWelded Pipe
1StrengthAble to withstand more pressure and load as there is no weak seam.Due to welding they are believed to withstand 20% less pressure and load as compared to seamless pipe.
2LengthRelatively shorter in length due to manufacturing difficulties.Can be manufactured in long continuous lengths.
3SizeManufactured for nominal size 24 inch or less.No such size restriction on production.
4Corrosion ResistanceLess prone to corrosion, means more corrosion resistant.Weld areas are more prone to corrosion attacks, means less corrosion resistance.
5Surface QualityRough due to extrusion processSmooth high quality surface as compared to seamless pipe.
6EconomyCostlierMore economic
7Production ProcessComplex, long procurement lead timeSimpler, short procurement lead time.
8TestsSeamless pipes does not require testing for weld integrity.Must be tested before use.
9ApplicationSuitable for high presure temperature and corrosive environmentNormally used for less corrosive and low pressure environment.
10AvailabilityLess available, limited material types, longer delivery timeReadily available for various different materials; shorter delivery time
11Wall ThicknessInconsistent wall thickness across length, thicker so heavierWall thickness more consistent than seamless ones, thinner
12OvalityBetter ovality, roundnessPoor ovality and roundness as compared to seamless counterpart.
13Internal surface checkChecking not possibleInternal surface can be checked before manufacturing

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