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Black Steel Pipes
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Black Steel Pipes Black Steel Pipes
Black Steel Pipes Black Steel Pipes


Black Steel Pipes

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Name:Black steel pipes
Section Shape: Round
Material grade:Api 5l gr. B
Usage:The oil and gas industry
Packing: bundle with steel strips ,
branding parcel ,wooden box

Black steel pipes specification:




Material grade:Api 5l gr. B 

Product usage:The oil and gas industry

Packing: bundle with steel strips ,branding parcel ,wooden box


Black steel pipes application:

Black steel pipes are non-galvanized steel pipes. It's used in applications that don't require galvanized steel.

  • Black steel pipes are often used to transport gas or to protect electrical wires and pipes that transport high steam and air.

  • In addition, black steel pipes are also used in the petroleum and petroleum industries to transport large amounts of oil through remote areas.

  • Other uses for black steel pipes include gas distribution inside and outside the house, wells and sewage treatment systems. However, because black steel pipes are easy to corrode water, they are never used to transport drinking water, and the minerals in the steel pipes will dissolve into the water and block the pipes.

What are ERW black steel pipes?

Electric resistance welded (erw) steel pipes are made by rolling steel and then welding longitudinally along the length. Therefore, the cross section of the erw steel pipe has welded joints.

What are seamless black steel pipes?

Seamless pipes are produced by extruding the metal to the specified length. Thus, they are doing not have any joint in its cross-section throughout its length.

Generally, black steel pipe is cheaper than galvanized pipe. This is due to the zinc coating on the galvanized pipe and the manufacturing process. Due to the need for maintenance, galvanized pipe fittings are also very expensive for black steel pipe fittings. How to distinguish black steel pipe and galvanized steel pipe?

There are two ways to distinguish black steel pipes and galvanized steel pipes:
First, you will check the color of the pipe. Black steel pipes are darker than galvanized pipes. It is pure black, while the galvanized pipe is silver and gray.Secondly, galvanized pipes are usually used for water transportation, while black steel pipes are used for gas transportation.

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