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Black Steel Pipe
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Black Steel Pipe

Views: 3     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2021-12-23      Origin: Site Inquire

Black steel pipe is a very common kind of steel product, there is no coated zinc or paint on the surface, but a dark iron oxide during the manufacturing process on the surface, so it is known as black steel pipes.

The black steel pipe has high strength and has no seam.  Very suitable for liquefied gas, natural gas and other gases. It is also be applied for protecting electric wires and convey high-pressure steam and air. Black steel pipe requires no maintenance and has a long service life, so it is used in a wide of fileds.

Black steel pipes are the most commonly used products in the steel industry. They have a multi-functional purpose, so we can find them in many places.


1. The sturdy structure allows them to be used underground to transport gases such as liquefied gas and natural gas.

2. In addition to other functions, they are also used in construction for protecting electrical wires.

3. Not only sturdy but also light, it is very suitable for bicycle frame manufacturing.

4. Black steel pipe can also be applied in automobiles, refrigeration devices, heating and piping, street lights, and medicine.