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Concrete Application of Welded Pipe
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Concrete Application of Welded Pipe

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Welded pipes, are also called welded steel pipes, are made by welding steel. Simple production process, high production efficiency and variety of specification, the welded steel pipes replace gradually the seamless steel pipes in more and more industries.

We provide different types of welded steel pipes, including Hot Dipped Hollow Section, Black Steel Pipes, Hot Dipped Galv.Pipes, Pre-Galv.Pipes, Pre-Galv. Hollow Section, Black Hollow Section.

Wide application:

We use welded steel pipes in many fields, such as Oil drilling and machinery, manufacturing, natural gas, metallurgy, food and beverage, shelves, doors and windows, and other  agricultural machines.

Concrete application:

Used for transporting low-pressure corrosive media;

Used for mine pressure, drainage, and shaft gas discharge;

Used to transport water, gas, oil, steam and other generally lower pressure fluids;

Used in automobiles, machinery, bicycles, furniture, and other mechanical parts and structural parts.