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Welded Steel Pipe
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Welded Steel Pipe

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Welded steel pipe is widely used in many industries due to its low production cost, high production efficiency, varieties of specifications and types, simple production process.

For example, welded steel pipe is an ideal choice for pipeline products in many different industries such as petrochemical, desalination, oil and gas, and chemical processing.

There are three types of welded pipes: external welding, internal welding or both sides welding. 

What they have in common is that they all have a seam somewhere! 

As a professional supplier of building materials, Hebei Metal Trading Company provides a wide range of welded pipes:

Hot Dipped Hollow Section

Size:12x12-500mm, thickness: 0.6-20mm


Black Steel Pipes

Size:1/2"-8", thickness:Sch40,std,sch10,etc.


Hot Dipped Galv.Pipes

Size:1/2"-8", thickness:sch40,std,sch10,etc.



Size:1/2"-8", thickness:Sch40,std,sch10,etc.


Pre-Galv. Hollow Section

Size:12x12-500mm, thickness: 0.6-20mm


Black Hollow Section

Size:12x12-500mm, thickness: 0.6-20mm