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IPEAA series welded pipe -Chinese metal products are preferred
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IPEAA series welded pipe -Chinese metal products are preferred

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IPEAA series welded pipe -Chinese metal products are preferred

In the metal industry, the welded pipe occupies a place in the market with its unique advantages. As China's leading metal product supplier, we are committed to providing customers with a series of high -quality welded pipe products, including hot -soaking hollow profiles, black steel pipes, pre -galvanized pipes, hot -dip galvanized pipes, etc. to meet the needs of different fields Essence

Hot -soaking hollow profile is a hollow metal material treated with heat immersion process, with excellent corrosion resistance and mechanical properties. Our hot and hollow profile adopts advanced production technology to ensure that the quality of the product is stable and reliable, and is widely used in construction, bridge, vehicle manufacturing and other fields. As a common type of welding steel pipe, black steel pipes have surface beauty, high strength, and good corrosion resistance to corrosion resistance. sex.

Our black steel pipe products are made of high -quality steel. After rigorous welding and quality control to ensure that the product has excellent performance and service life.

Pre-Galv.Pipes are pre -galvanized on the surface of the steel pipe to improve its corrosion resistance.The advanced galvanized process is adopted to form a uniform and dense zinc layer on the surface of the steel pipe to effectively resist the erosion of the external environment and extend the service life.

The hot -dip galvanized pipe is a steel pipe treated by hot -dip galvanized process, which has stronger corrosion resistance and longer service life. Our hot -immersed galvanized pipe products have undergone strict quality testing and control to ensure that each steel pipe meets national standards and customer requirements, and is widely used in chemical industry, petroleum, and natural gas.

As a leading supplier of IPEAA products for construction factories, we have a comprehensive production process and quality control system to ensure that each product meets relevant standards and customer requirements. At the same time, we also provide professional after -sales service and technical support to help customers solve problems encountered during use.

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