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What Is the Difference between Galvanized Pipes?
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What Is the Difference between Galvanized Pipes?

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The galvanized pipes are widely used in oil transportation and construction,such as steel structure, buildings, guard rails, fences, metal furnitures and etc. Due to its zinc coated surface,the galvanized pipes are anti-corrosion. Here are 2 types of galvanizing: hot dip galvanizing and pre-galvanizing. Based on the enviroment of the product needs, you can choose your fittable product.

1. Hot dip galvanized pipe

When the tube has been manufactured, then we put the tube in the plating. There are many elements would affect the thickness of the zinc coating, like the surface of the steel, the time that put the tube in the bath, the composition of the steel, and the size and the sickness of the steel.

Cause the tube is fully sinked, the zinc can coated the entire part of the pipe, in this way it can provide all parts of anti-corrosion protection. The hot dipped galvanized pipes can be used in outdoor and humid enviroment.


2. Pre-galvanized pipe

Pre-galvanized pipe is made from a galvanizd sheet.The sheet is already zinc coated, so it does not need to put in the plating. After the rolling, the sheet is made into pipe, we can cut it into certain size. And we offer different  products  of the thickness like, Sch40,std,sch10 and etc.Because of the different process of zinc coating, the pre-galvanized pipe has better surface.The pre-galvanized pipe can be used in not highly required anti-corrosion envioment.


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