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Hot Dipped Hollow Section
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Hot Dipped Hollow Section

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Hot Dipped Hollow Section

Hot Dipped Hollow Section is a square tube formed by a series of chemical reactions in the hot dip galvanized pool after the square tube bar or plate is crimped

 Hot Dipped Hollow Section specification:


Thickness: 0.6-20mm

Material grade:Q195-q235

Usage:Used for construction


Hot dipped hollow section advantage:

  • Superb corrosion resistance

  • Low maintenance requirements for lower long-term costs

  • Galvanized coatings last up to 50 years

  • More resistant to damage during transportation, processing and installation

  • Zinc plating covers all internal and external surfaces to provide comprehensive protection

  • Speed up construction by eliminating site preparation

Hot dipped hollow section application:

Hot dip galvanized square tube is often used for construction,such as water and gas transmission, power grids, wire casing, power transmission, housing, bridges, metal structure, etc.

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