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Working principle and characteristics of butterfly valve
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Working principle and characteristics of butterfly valve

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Working principle and characteristics of butterfly valve

The butterfly valve is a valve that opens and closes according to the rotary valve, driving the disk plate to rotate. In the cylindrical channel of the butterfly body, the disc rotates around the axis, mainly rotating the plate 90 degrees. When the flow control panel reaches 90 degrees, the valve is fully opened, and the medium flow can be adjusted by changing the Angle of the valve. Usually installed in the diameter direction of the pipe. The butterfly valve and stem itself have no locking function. In order to control the flow effectively, worm gear reducer is needed. The butterfly valve with worm gear reducer can not only automatically lock the butterfly valve, but also change the working performance of the butterfly valve and adjust the medium flow more accurately.

Butterfly valve characteristics:

(1) Simple structure, small shape. Compact structure, short length, small size, light weight, suitable for large diameters.

(2) Low fluid resistance. When fully opened, the effective flow area of the valve channel is large and the fluid resistance is small.

(3) Easy to open and close, fast, good performance adjustment, turn 90 degrees. You can open and close. By changing the rotation Angle of the disc, the flow rate can be controlled in layers.

(4) The disc on both sides of the rotating shaft is basically the same as the medium, and the direction of torque is generated, so the switching torque is very small. Instead, it's easier to open and close.

(5) Low pressure sealing performance is good, sealing surface material is generally made of rubber and plastic, sealing performance is good. The butterfly valve is limited by the sealing ring material, and the working pressure and working temperature range are low. However, the use pressure and operating temperature range of the hard-sealed butterfly valve have been greatly improved.

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