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These are related to the PIPE FITTINGS news, in which you can learn about the latest trends in PIPE FITTINGS and related information industry, to help you better understand and expand PIPE FITTINGS market.
[Product knowledge] What Is The Pipe Fitting Application?
Pipe fittings are pipe components that facilitate routing of pipes for changes in direction, size changes, and branch connections. They are made of different materials such as carbon steel, stainless steel, copper, iron, brass, PVC, etc. Different pipe fittings have different functions according to layout or process requirements. Common types of pipe fittings are pipe elbows, pipe reducers, tee connectors, Olet connectors, unions, couplings, stubs, valves, flanges, adapters, caps, plugs, bushings, crosses etc., widely used in the plumbing and plumbing industries.
[Product knowledge] ELECTRO GALV. STEEL PLUGS
Steel plugs looks similar with malleable iron plugs. The usuage is also same, for the end use of pipe.It has many advantages compare to malleable iron plugs. price is cheaper than malleable iron plugs.production process has less limitation by environmental department.
[Product knowledge] Pipe Fittings
There are different types of pipe fittings on sale like, buttweld pipe fittings, malleable iron pipe fittings, high pressure forged steel fitting, grooved pipe fitting, threaded carbon steel pipe fittings and ductile iron fitting. For the same type, there also will be lots of different parts. Like elbow, tee, cap, reducer, bushing, socket, plug, nipple, threaded pipe fitting, grooved fitting, grooved coupling and adaptor. So make sure you are buying the right product.
[Product knowledge] How To Install The Pipe Fitting
1. The cold and hot water outlets of the drainage pipes must be level, generally the left side is hot and the right side is cool, and the piping should be laid horizontally and straight. The layout should be safe and reasonable. The position of the pipe clamp and the slope of the pipe shall meet the requirements of the specification. All types of valves should be installed in the correct position and level for easy use and maintenance. 2. The water inlet should be equipped with an indoor main valve. Before installation, check whether the water pipes and connecting accessories are damaged or cracked. 3. The distance between the water meter and the valve from the wall should be appropriate, and it should be convenient for use and maintenance.
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