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How To Install The Pipe Fitting
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How To Install The Pipe Fitting

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How To Install The Pipe Fitting

1. The cold and hot water outlets of the drainage pipes must be level, generally the left side is hot and the right side is cool, and the piping should be laid horizontally and straight. The layout should be safe and reasonable. The position of the pipe clamp and the slope of the pipe shall meet the requirements of the specification. All types of valves should be installed in the correct position and level for easy use and maintenance.


2. The water inlet should be equipped with an indoor main valve. Before installation, check whether the water pipes and connecting accessories are damaged or cracked.

3. The distance between the water meter and the valve from the wall should be appropriate, and it should be convenient for use and maintenance.

4. If a water purifier is installed in the kitchen, the location of the water pipe and the location of the power supply should be considered in advance.


5. Both the cold and hot water pipes are built into the wall. When grooving, the depth of the groove should be checked, and the hot and cold water pipes should not be in the same groove.

6. The right and left positions of the shower mixing valve are correct, and it is installed in the middle of the bathtub (determine the size of the bathtub first), and the height is 150-200mm in the upper and middle of the bathtub. The massage bathtub is reserved for the water outlet according to the model. The hole distance of the mixing valve is generally kept at 150mm (concealed installation) and 100mm (surface installation).

7. The water inlet and outlet of the toilet should be placed in a place where the toilet can block the sight. The position of the water outlet of the one-piece toilet should be determined according to the model, and generally it should be left 200mm to the left of the center of the toilet drain.

Stainless Steel Welded Pipe Fitting6Stainless Steel Welded Pipe Fitting

8. Electric water heaters generally need to be fixed on the load-bearing wall. If there are special circumstances, they should be fixed on non-load-bearing walls as fixed brackets, and the top floor should have enough space for fixed brackets. It is necessary to communicate with the water heater manufacturer in advance to determine the water heater outlet. s position.

9. When installing the water inlet and outlet of the water heater, the water inlet valve and the air inlet valve must be considered and installed in the corresponding position.

10. When installing kitchen and bathroom pipes, the size of the pipes at the wall should take into account the final size after the wall tiles are pasted, that is, the thickness of the wall tiles should be considered in advance.


11. When designing the water pipe, the installation position of the washing machine faucet and the layout of the water should be considered. Also pay attention to the proper location of the power outlet. When placing a front-loading washing machine in the kitchen cabinet, you must determine the size of the washing machine and the kitchen cabinet, so as to reserve the position of the water.

12. In the wall and under the ground, use as little or no connection accessories as possible to reduce hidden leakage points. The installation of connection accessories should be firm and leak-free.


13. The height of the water supply port (elbow) on the wall should be appropriate, which is convenient for maintenance, and the hose should be exposed as little as possible, and no additional hose should be connected, giving people a simple and beautiful vision . For sanitary wares such as column basins without cabinets below, the height of the reserved mouth should generally be set at about 500-600mm on the ground. The water outlet of the column basin should be set at the center of the bottom of the column or behind the column, and should be blocked by the column as much as possible. The drain pipe of the wall-mounted washbasin (no column, no cabinet) must be set up with a horizontal row of elbows from the wall (that is, the drain pipe enters the wall).

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