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Pipe Fittings
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Pipe Fittings

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Pipe Fittings

There are different types of pipe fittings on sale like, buttweld pipe fittings, malleable iron pipe fittings, high pressure forged steel fitting, grooved pipe fitting, threaded carbon steel pipe fittings and ductile iron fitting. For the same type, there also will be lots of different parts. Like elbow, tee, cap, reducer, bushing, socket, plug, nipple, threaded pipe fitting, grooved fitting, grooved coupling and adaptor. So make sure you are buying the right product.


For example, the elbow pipe fitting. The elbow pipe fitting is used to connected the two lengths of pipe. With the angel of the elbow, it can change the direction of the pipe fitting easily. The angel is usually 180° or 90°, sometimes it ususally be bent into 45°. There are also two types of the elbow end, the butt welding and the sleeve welding.


Most elbows have short radius or long radius. When the two ends are different in size, the accessory is called a reducing elbow or a reducing elbow.The long radius elbow (LR 90 elbow or LR 45 elbow) will have 1.5 times the pipe size. Therefore, the bending radius of a 6-inch LR 90 is 1.5 x the nominal pipe size. The elbow diameter of the short radius elbow (SR45 or SR90) is equal to the joint size, so the elbow radius of 6" SR 45 is the nominal pipe size of 6".

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