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The Sectional Steel---Round Bar
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The Sectional Steel---Round Bar

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The Sectional Steel---Round Bar

The hot rolled round bar has many advantages that you may not notice, such as strong, tough, ductile, formable and weldable. Thus the steel round bar can be used in many industries. You can see the round bars in the bridge construction, the automotive industry, the construction industry, the heavy equipment and the oil&gas industry.

The hot rolled bars will have the smooth surface and can be easily shaped. If are looking for the steel bars can be easily shaped an drilled while maintaining the excellent mechanical properties, the HR steel round bars would be the perfect choice.


Round steel is covered by ASTM A108 “standard specification for steel bar, carbon and alloy, cold-finished”, A36/ A36m “standard specification for carbon structural steel” and ASTM A276 “standard specification for stainless steel and section steel”.

We are an industry leading premier supplier of A36 and 1018 hot rolled steel products. A36 is a low-carbon steel with a carbon content of less than 0.3% by weight. The low carbon in the steel makes the steel more easy to shape, form and weld. Thus it can be applied in many industry. However, because hot rolled astma 36 round steel does not contain a large amount of chromium and nickel, it can only provide average corrosion resistance.

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