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Swing Check Valve
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Swing Check Valve

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Swing Check Valve

A swing check valve is a type of check valve designed to allow the flow of fluid in one direction while preventing backflow in the opposite direction. It is called a "swing" check valve because of the swinging motion of the disc or flap within the valve body.

- The primary function of a swing check valve is to permit fluid flow in one direction (typically forward or downstream) and prevent the reverse flow (backflow). It achieves this by using a swinging disc or flap that opens and allows flow in the desired direction and closes to block flow in the opposite direction.

- The swing check valve has a hinged disc or flap inside the valve body, which is free to swing or pivot. When there is forward flow, the disc is pushed open, allowing fluid to pass through. When flow stops or reverses, gravity and/or reverse flow pressure cause the disc to swing back into a closed position, preventing backflow.

- Swing check valves are commonly used in various industries, including water supply systems, wastewater treatment, chemical processing, petrochemical plants, and more. They are suitable for applications where preventing backflow is essential.

- Swing check valves are known for providing a low pressure drop compared to some other types of check valves. This characteristic makes them suitable for applications where minimal resistance to flow is desired.

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