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Advantage of Steel Door Panels
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Advantage of Steel Door Panels

Views: 0     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2022-02-17      Origin: Site Inquire

Metal door panel is one of the more popular door panels on the market at present, which is avant-garde, fashionable, gorgeous, personalized and a sense of the times.

The structure of metal door panel is high-quality medium density board with special treatment, aluminum-magnesium alloy plate, stainless steel plate and other metal plates with dense protective layer formed on the surface, mainly used to make cabinets, wardrobes, bookcases, counters, etc.

The metal door panel has good waterproof, moisture-proof, insect-proof, wear-resistant, high-temperature resistance, corrosion resistance and simple daily maintenance, fine texture, easy to clean, and long life.