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Main Features of I Beam Steel Ipeaa
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Main Features of I Beam Steel Ipeaa

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Main Features of I Beam Steel Ipeaa

IPEAA, or I-beam with parallel flanges and a reduced flange width, is a type of structural steel beam. The specifications you provided seem to be related to a specific size and material grade for IPEAA beams. Here's a breakdown:

1. **Size Range:

- From IPEAA80 to IPEAA200

2. **Material Grade:

- Q235

3. **Product Usage:

- Used for construction purposes.

These specifications suggest that the IPEAA beams are made of Q235-grade steel and come in various sizes ranging from IPEAA80 to IPEAA200. These beams are commonly used in construction for structural support and framing applications.

The features of IPEAA (I-beam with parallel flanges and a reduced flange width) made of mild carbon steel, with a specific focus on its grade, deflection, and resistance to vibrations and local yield. 

1. **Grade:**

- Q235: This indicates the material grade of the steel used in the IPEAA beams.

2. **Type:**

- Mild Carbon Steel: Specifies that the material used is mild carbon steel, which is a common and versatile type of steel.

3. **Deflection:**

- The stiffness of the I-beam is designed to minimize deformation. This is crucial for ensuring that the beam maintains its structural integrity and doesn't deform excessively under loads.

4. **Vibration:**

- The stiffness and mass of the I-beam are chosen to prevent unacceptable vibrations. This is particularly important in settings sensitive to vibrations, such as offices and libraries.

In summary, these features highlight the engineering considerations involved in designing and using IPEAA beams, ensuring they meet the necessary structural requirements and performance criteria.

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