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Widely application of steel pipes
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Widely application of steel pipes

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Steel pipes are made of metal alloy of iron and other metal like aluminum/ manganese etc. They are much greater strength and durability than iron pipes. In general, steel pipe is made of steel and the shape is cylindrical. They can be seamless or welded along the length of the pipe and galvanized by plating a layer of zinc in a hot zinc bath or by an electroplating process.

QQ浏览器截图20221222150252Today Let’s discuss the application of steel pipe.

Steel pipes are widely used in the fields of structure, transportation, and manufacturing.

Structural Use

Structural use is common use of building and construction. In these industries, the building material is commonly referred to as steel tubes. Steel pipes are also known as steel tubes, provide additional strength to foundations and are widely used in construction projects.

Transportation Use

The most common use of steel pipe is for the transport of products because the material is corrosion and pressure resistance for long-term installation. It can be buried underground due to its hardiness and resistance to breakdown. Therefore, it can widely applied in the oil and gas industry, liquefied natural gas, refinery and petrochemicals etc.

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