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The Difference Between H Beam And I Beam
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The Difference Between H Beam And I Beam

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The Difference Between H Beam And I Beam

If you are not familiar with these two steel beams, you may think they are the same product. However, there are some obvious differences. If you work with structural steel, you ought to consider the difference between these two steel beams, considering how useful steel beams are to a build.

The I Beam looks like the letter ”I”, that’s where the name comes from. The I Beam consist of two horizontal plates (otherwise known as flanges), connected by a vertical component (the web). I beams also have tapered edges and a slightly higher cross-section, compared to the flange width.

The H Beam looks like the letter “H”. The H Beam has a wider flange. According to this special structure, this is the reason why the H Beam also named as the wide flange beams.

The Steel I Beams

1. The weight

Compare to other structural steel the I Beams are usually much lighter. So when the weight and force need to be pay attention to, the I Beam would be on the top pf your list.

2. The Span

The steel I beams can be applied in the span that range between 10 and 30 metres.

3. The Number of pieces

The I Beam is made of the whole steel panel. Thus it will not cause more cut waste, the I Beam is a truly environment-friendly product.

4. Centre web

This is usually thinner on various I beam sizes, meaning it can’t take as much force as an H beam.

H-BeamThe Steel H Beams

1. Weight

The average weight of H beams is higher than that of I beams. The H Beam can bear more force than the specific applications.

2. Spans

H beams can be used for spans up to 100 metres.

3. Number of pieces

Although the H beams look like the whole metal panel, they actually were welded together.

4. Centre web

The thicker centre webs of H beams mean they are slightly more robust than I beams.

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