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Malleable steel pipe fittings production process
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Malleable steel pipe fittings production process

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Malleable steel pipe fittings production process

1. Raw material preparation stage

The basic raw materials for the production of pipe fittings are steel, including various types of seamless steel pipes, welded steel pipes and so on. In the raw material preparation stage, it is first necessary to classify, store, organize and manage raw materials. When steel is put into storage, testing standards are required, and special equipment is equipped to pretreat steel such as longitudinal cutting, transverse cutting, cutting and sawing, so as to ensure the quality and processing efficiency of pipe fitting processing.

2. Processing and manufacturing stage

Processing and manufacturing stage is the core stage of pipe fitting production process. It includes two parts: pre-treatment of pipe fittings and processing molding.


Pre-treatment of pipe fittings mainly includes rust removal, cutting, butt welding, opening, bending, forming and other processes. In the pre-treatment process of pipe fittings, it is necessary to use a variety of processing equipment, such as cutting machines, rust removal machines, butt welders, molds, hydraulic presses, etc. In the production process of malleable steel pipe fittings, the diameter, wall thickness, length, Angle and other parameters of pipe fittings should be processed and treated according to the production requirements during the pre-treatment process.

 Processing and forming

The processing and molding process is to further process the pre-treated pipe fitting in order to produce pipe fitting products that meet the production requirements. Processing molding can be used in cold processing and hot processing two ways. In the process of production and processing of malleable steel pipe fittings, hot processing technology is adopted, and the main processing equipment is forging press, cooler, annealing furnace, hole cone machine, etc.

3. Surface treatment stage

The surface treatment stage is to treat the surface of the processed pipe fittings, to provide rust prevention, corrosion resistance, beautiful protection for the pipe fittings, and is also an important part of the quality control of the pipe fittings. Surface treatment mainly includes cleaning, painting, chrome plating and other processes. Malleable steel pipe fittings are surface treated by spray painting and galvanizing to ensure the quality and appearance of pipe fittings.

4. Inspection packaging stage

After the production and processing of the pipe fittings are completed, they need to be inspected and packaged. Inspection includes appearance inspection, chemical inspection, physical property inspection and other inspection means. The qualified fittings will be packaged and packaged.

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